Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Not so happy news!

Just wanted to do a quick post that I have hurt myself. 
 Justin (our son) was over last night and brought his cute little dog. It
was raining hard, I let her go out to go potty and then back in. She loves to
chase around the house so I was chasing her and fell in the kitchen. 
I guess the floor got a little wet and was slippery.   I either
have a very bad sprain or I broke my ankle. I have it in an air-cast now and
elevated. I also have a boot so I may use that as well.
Right now moving slow with crutches and the swelling is
coming down.
Lol, when it rains... it pours.
So, I have no idea when I will be up and running again. Literally, trying to
stay still and watch a 12 month old is a little hard, but I am managing.
My toes are not swollen and I can stand on it. I hurts a little when I put all
my weight on it sometimes. That is why I don't think it is broken. Since I
have broken that leg before, I know they can't do anything until the swelling is
down anyways.
Plus, I have no insurance and walking or limping into urgent care is a $1200
bill right off I checked. Not to mention all the doctor bills and x rays. So I
am waiting to see if I need it. My friend Evelyn knows that I can take a lot of pain.
The first time I broke a leg I walked on it 40 hours a week for a week at work
on a sales floor. The other time it was so painful I had to go in the next
morning. So far I am not sure it is not like either of the other times. Will
keep you all posted.



  1. Oh no, I do hope it isnt broken. Wish you all the best and take care!

  2. Sorry to hear about your leg. Hope it's not serious and you're back on your feet again soon.

  3. I hope your on your feet soon. I wish you all the best. hugs

  4. Sorry to hear about your fall! I was able to walk on my broken foot for a whole month before I finally broke down and went and got it checked out... By then they couldn't do anything anyway but it did heal pretty well so it was a soft boot cast and trying to keep off it as often as possible. So it could be broken and if it hurts still after 3 -4 days go in and have it looked at someplace like a prompt care can do x rays and it won't cost an arm and a leg... Good Luck!


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